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Freezer Friendly Finger Foods - Three Ways

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Cook once and eat twice with our delicious freezer friendly finger foods. Batch cooking has so many advantages and people who batch cook tend to have healthier meals,...

No Cook Banana Recipes

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Try our No Cook Banana recipes for a quick and easy snack at home. Minimal cleaning up and maximum satisfaction. You'll find it difficult to resist these tasty...

One Pot Peanut Butter and Apple Bars

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No-bake peanut butter and apple squares. Brilliant for snacks, breakfast or dessert. Served on a classic square suction plate from eco rascals. Available in the UK.


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Two delicious chocolatey smoothies for your little ones to try.

eco rascals homemade ice lollies

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eco rascals sharing their favourite homemade lollies and showing them served on their natural bamboo ladybird suction plate. Perfect recipes for toddlers to enjoy healthy ice lollies rather...

Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bites

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Five years ago, I was 'that' person in the room who thought Quinoa was pronounced 'Quin-no-ah'. It wasn't something anyone in my immediate circle consumed. I still remember...

Healthy Mango Smoothie

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We love smoothies. We put enough ice in them and we can pretend they are ice cream instead. Turmeric is a bright yellow spice which contains antioxidants and...

Toast topping suggestions

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Fun Fact. The act of raising one’s glass in honour of someone or something has been given the word ‘toast’ because as early as the 1500s, people used...

Aubergine Ragu

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We love creating recipes for you but we also find that you guys have even better recipes that us! This recipe from @familycookshare is delicious and perfect for...

Hidden Veggie Lasagne - Family

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Try eco rascals hidden veggie lasagne perfect for the whole family