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eco rascals homemade ice lollies

by Celeidh Cook on

eco rascals sharing their favourite homemade lollies and showing them served on their natural bamboo ladybird suction plate. Perfect recipes for toddlers to enjoy healthy ice lollies rather...

Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bites

by Celeidh Cook on

Five years ago, I was 'that' person in the room who thought Quinoa was pronounced 'Quin-no-ah'. It wasn't something anyone in my immediate circle consumed. I still remember...

Healthy Mango Smoothie

by Celeidh Cook on

We love smoothies. We put enough ice in them and we can pretend they are ice cream instead. Turmeric is a bright yellow spice which contains antioxidants and...

Toast topping suggestions

by Celeidh Cook on

Fun Fact. The act of raising one’s glass in honour of someone or something has been given the word ‘toast’ because as early as the 1500s, people used...

Aubergine Ragu

by Celeidh Cook on

We love creating recipes for you but we also find that you guys have even better recipes that us! This recipe from @familycookshare is delicious and perfect for...

Hidden Veggie Lasagne - Family

by Celeidh Cook on

Try eco rascals hidden veggie lasagne perfect for the whole family

Banana Bread - Gluten Free

by Celeidh Cook on

Try eco rascals take on the most searched recipe on google - delicious gluten free banana bread. Perfect for a snack or after dinner treat.

Coconut Bliss Balls

by Celeidh Cook on

Want a healthy snack for both parents and kids? Try our simple no-cook Coconut and date bliss balls.

Dairy free and healthy chocolate ice cream!

by Kristina Williams on

A delightfully easy dairy free ice cream recipe that your kids will love.